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DIRTy Squirrel Rookie of the Year

This past year, DIRTy Squirrels Racing had the pleasure of adding Bryant Fernandez to the DIRTy Squirrels family. Bryant hadn't done much biking in a while, but wanted to give MTB/XC a try. After making a couple changes to his MTB, he raced his first XC race at the Farmdale Festival, which was the final race of the Illinois MTB State Championship Series.. Farmdale is not super easy and is certainly a challenge to someone with limited experience, but Bryant had a blast and finished the race strong. Bryant wasn't going to be satisfied with the racing season consisting of just one race, so he decided to give Cyclocross a try and kept on racing his MTB throughout the 'cross season. There's no question that Bryant was at a disadvantage with his MTB, but nonetheless, he kept showing up, and kept having fun with one of the best attitudes we've ever seen. We can't wait to see how Bryant continues to grow as a racer. Congrats on being named Rookie of the Year!

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