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Christian Crespo Rodriguez was born December 8, 1990 in Puerto Rico and has been riding MTB for 7 years.


He is currently racing Category 2 in XC and won the Illinois State Champion Cat 3 in 2019.


His nicknames include “Turbo” and is also known as “Nino.”


When he’s not racing his sweet Scott MTB, you can find him racing CX for fun, road riding for training, watching basketball, and checking out cars, ATV’s and motorcycles. His favorite trails include El Faro in Rincón, Puerto Rico and Palos.


Christian rides bikes because it helps him clear his mind and it keeps him healthy. He loves being surrounded by nature on his MTB and the adrenaline of a fast downhill. He loves competing and being able to push himself to the best that he can be. He enjoys solo rides but his favorite is group rides with the team.


Christian joined DIRTy Squirrels Racing Team in 2019. Although he has only been with the team for a year, his hard work, speed and dedication has lead him to have an outstanding participation. Christian loves to be part of this team because he considers them his family.


Christian enjoys shopping, playing video games and spending time with his family, especially with his dog, Nino.

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